BATL is a 501c3 organization run by neighborhood volunteers, with a goal of educating and preserving the history of the Battle of Atlanta in the neighborhoods where it was fought.  As a part of that mission we offer a number of "edu-tainment" opportunities at various times throughout the year.  Please follow us on Facebook for historical insights and other BATL related news.

As part of our main mission of education, BATL offers a tour each month of the Battle of Atlanta Battlefield.  We have three separate tours-all three on different portions of the Battlefield- that provide glimpses into what happened on that specific portion of the Battlefield, and the history of neighborhood that occurred both before and after the civil war battle. Please see a description of the tour below, and scroll down to purchase tickets for a specific tour.  We look forward to seeing you on one of our walks!

Front Lines Walking Tour • This tour will travel along the front lines of the Civil War Battle of Atlanta and to focal points in historic East Atlanta, providing an action-packed overview of the battle while walking through its most contested land. Attendees will hear the human stories of the battle and get a sense of the troop movements. The death of two Generals occurred nearby. In addition discover the early history and growth of this significant business node at numerous important sites. Find out how this vibrant neighborhood made the journey from pioneer days through the Civil War conflict to the Civil Rights era changes that continue today. The tour takes about an hour and a half in an easy walk on, behind and in front of the lines where troops were on the move on July 22, 1864. Visitors will hear stories of the men who fought in this historic battle that changed the course of US history, the early settlers who forged a life here and business people who planted the seeds and grew this unique community.

Battle Began Here Walking Tour • This tour focuses on what happened in the Battle of Atlanta in the Kirkwood neighborhood. Attendees will hear the human stories of the battle as well as get a sense of the troop movements from trained tour guides. The walking tour covers a roughly 10 block route. Hear about a couple of the neighborhood’s prominent citizens and the civil rights struggle 100 years after the battle. Many guests from the metro area as well as from other states and other countries, too – have been entertained in past years by the sweep of this piece of history and surprised that a major historic battle started right under their noses. This easy walking tour lasts approximately 1hr 30min! It begins near the railroad cut where General Sherman’s soldiers were carrying out his orders at the start of the battle on July 22, 1864. The neighborhood and former suburban city in its own right owes much to the railroad.

Civil War to Civil Rights Walking Tour • Atlanta has a unique place in these two important eras of American history and interesting pieces of the story come together in the neighborhoods of Southeast Atlanta. The tour begins near I-20 at the edge of East Atlanta and Kirkwood with an overview of the battle and its troop movements. As the tour crosses the historic ground it combines stories from the 1864 Battle of Atlanta with the 1964 Civil Rights stories at locations where they intersect on the battlefield. Learn about the people and places that played significant roles in this dramatic history. You’ll visit truly historic sites in a fairly easy walking tour that takes an hour and a half.

Jan 2 (Sunday) – 2pm, Front Lines Tour


Feb 19 (Sunday) – 2pm, Civil War to Civil Rights Tour

March 19 (Sunday) – 3pm. Battle Began Here Tour
Reservations should be made through the preservation center or calling 404.688.3353

April 16 (Sunday) – 2pm, The Battle Began Here Tour


May 14 (Sunday) – 2pm, Front Lines Tour


June 11 (Sunday) – 2pm, Civil War to Civil Rights Tour


July 9 (Sunday) – 2pm, The Battle Began Here Tour

The Wreath laying Commemoration Ceremony
The Ceremony begins at the Walker Monument on Glenwood Avenue at the I-20 bridge. This is Part One of the two part Commemoration of the Battle of Atlanta, an event that changed the course of our national story. The Ceremony begins on Glenwood at 10am in the small Atlanta City Park where the Walker Monument Stands marking the site where he fell. Part Two continues at the McPherson Monument at 10:45am in the small park at McPherson and Monument Avenues and will be completed by 11:15. Plans are still being finalized for the ceremony but there will be special guests and a musical tribute as well as reverent spoken words in memorial to the thousands of men who lost their lives on one hot afternoon, July 22, 1864.


August 13 (Sunday) – 2pm, Front Lines Tour


September 17 (Sunday) – 2pm, Civil War to Civil Rights Tour


October 15 (Sunday) – 2pm, The Battle Began Here Tour


November 12 (Sunday) – 2pm, Front Lines Tour


December 30 (Sat) – 2pm, Front Lines Tour

BATL's Mission
BATL seeks to connect residents and visitors to Southeast Atlanta’s past; and promote learning through cultural tourism...

BATL also supports the implementation of a multi-purpose, interpretive trail connecting the neighborhoods of East Atlanta and Kirkwood.

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